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Human Global Communications was established in 1969 by Francis J. Kurdyla to train and assist executives, managers, and staff in Japan in their efforts to communicate globally. We have been active in this effort for over 45 years.

Our Approach

Effective global communications requires not only good language skills but also an understanding of the differing cultural backgrounds in which languages have developed. Understanding the meaning of words when we communicate with people from other cultures is important, but it is not enough. We must understand how each other's language and customs reflect value differences, overcome the obstacles these reflections present, and broaden our minds to accommodate different ways of thinking and behaving.

With this concept of cross-cultural understanding in mind, we strive to improve communications among different cultures by giving our clients a clearer understanding of the values reflected in our respective languages and their effect on social behavior and business practices.

We provide a variety of services in addition to English training, including lectures, seminars, rewriting, and translation to help your people develop the skills and understanding they need to communicate with global colleagues and clients.

Our Services

Direct communications support

Direct communications support
  • Rewriting Services
  • Translation Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • Dispatch of Skilled Personnel

Developing global communications skills

Developing global communications skills
  • General Language Instruction
  • Business Communications Skills Development
  • Presentation Training
  • e-Learning
  • Blended Learning

Understanding what globalization requires

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  • Global Mindset Training
  • Cross-Cultural Lectures and Seminars


Francis J. Kurdyla

Francis J. Kurdyla

Born in 1933 in New Jersey, USA. Majored in mechanical engineering at Villanova University. Worked for San Diego Electronics Technical Institute on studies in communication engineering (telecommunications, microwave radar, etc.). Earned a degree in economics from Sophia University and went on to study marketing at Hitotsubashi University. Taught economics and English at Chuo University and Komazawa University. Established F. J. Kurdyla and Associates Co., Ltd., in 1969 (now Human Global Communications Co., Ltd.). The company has been providing a wide range of English language services, including training to develop international presentation and negotiation skills, rewriting, and translation, to companies, educational institutions, and governmental organizations.

In addition to managing the company until his retirement in 2014, he gave lectures on cross-cultural communications to corporate, government, and civic audiences in Japan, did consulting work for local managers at foreign affiliates of Japanese companies, conducted seminars for them on communicating effectively with their counterparts in Japan, contributed articles to newspapers and magazines, and wrote several books.

Main publications:
  • The Meanderings of the Whale-"Now I understand"
  • Image Jiten
  • Fundamentals of English Conversation for Engineers
  • Dictionary of Proven Business Letters
  • Dictionary of Proven Business Letters: CD edition
  • Situational Business English: "The Right Thing to Say"
  • Situational Business English: "The Right Way to Put It"
  • Receiving and Handling Callers
  • Conversational Dictionary for Life Abroad
  • Negotiating Cross-Culturally
  • Colloquial Business English (Advanced Series, Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
    • Getting Through in Business-Natural Business Dialogues
    • Going Heart-to-Heart
    • Talking Your Way Out
  • Dictionary of Modern Business Colloquialisms
    (All published by Asahi Press)
  • The Way It Really Happens
  • Business Mail
    (All published by Ohmsha, Ltd.)

Human Global Communications

Registered company name: Human Global Communications Co., Ltd.
Established: November 14, 1969
Capitalization: 80 million yen
President: Takahiro Hattori
Address :

Head Office

4-4-2 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 169-0075
Tel: (81) 3-5386-9420 Fax: (81) 3-6844-3621


1-minute walk from JR Takadanobaba Toyama Exit

Kansai Branch

4-3-2 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081
Tel: (81) 6-7223-8990 Fax: (81) 6-7223-8989

Banking: Resona Bank, Tokyo Chuo Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Yaesu-dori Branch
Mizuho Bank, Shinkawa Branch
Higashinihon Bank, Honten Eigyo-bu
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Nishi-Shnjuku Branch
Teikoku Data Bank Registered Code: 982422531
License number for dispatch of general staff: (General) 13-302890
Parent companies:

Human Holdings Co., Ltd.
President and CEO: Tomonari Sato
Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku Prime Square. 1st Floor 7-5-25 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0023

Human Academy Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Teruyuki Kawakami
Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku Prime Square. 1st Floor 7-5-25 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0023

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