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Rewriting Services for Researchers and EngineersDisseminating know-how, gaining recognition

Researchers are heavily burdened by the requirement to document and publish their work in English. We save them time and their companies money by rewriting their papers to make them ready for review. This assistance is available in several forms.

  • Qualified rewriters are dispatched to client sites on a permanent or as-needed basis to edit and correct researchers’ papers. This enables close, convenient consultation to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Researchers bring their papers to our office for consultation and correction. This face-to-face collaboration also ensures accuracy and clarity.
  • Researchers send their papers to us by e-mail for correction and return.

The content of the work being reported and the quality of the English are keys to getting papers accepted for publication. The content is the researcher’s responsibility. The English is our responsibility.

Correspondence AssistanceClear writing means more than spelling and grammar

Save time and money by ensuring that your daily flow of global correspondence is clear and understandable. We can dispatch qualified native speakers to your premises on a permanent or as-needed basis to edit and correct your outgoing messages and reports and help you understand the ones you receive. Or you can send your work to us for speedy correction and return.

  • Routine e-mail, letters, and faxes
  • Executive correspondence
  • Routine and special reports
  • Speech drafts
  • Procedures and instructions
  • Advertising copy
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Product specifications, manuals, and user's guides
  • Press releases
  • Publications, newsletters, and periodicals
  • Any other form of business writing

Presentation Training and RehearsalMake the right impression

Have to make a presentation? Build up your confidence and ensure success through practice and coaching beforehand. Contact us, and we’ll improve your draft, sharpen your slides, and polish your platform presence and delivery. Draft review and rehearsal sessions can be arranged on short notice at your place of work or ours.

Ideal for researchers speaking at international conferences and managers and executives delivering keynote, public relations, and motivational speeches. The training time can be flexibly scheduled to suit your needs, time constraints, and budget.

Rewriter’s profile

Arnold Fisher

Years of service: 25
Years of residence in Japan: 25
Hobby: rakugo, photography, genealogy

Rewriting philosophy:

Rewriting is more than making the English in a document grammatically correct, clear, concise, and consistent. It also involves clarifying the ideas so that they truly represent the ideas the author wishes to convey and improving the logical flow of ideas so that the reader can quickly grasp the author’s meaning.

Our training method

Training new rewriters starts by hiring people who show promise of becoming good rewriters. We look for people with good writing skills, who are disciplined and well-organized, and who like to solve puzzles. We start their training by identifying any bugs they may have in their own writing and eliminating them. They next study appropriate texts and examples of good rewrites. Then they work through a series of practice rewrites and receive feedback and correction after each one. Once they demonstrate sufficient proficiency, they begin working on actual jobs. Their work is checked and corrected by the Rewriting Manager until they can produce rewrites that meet the high level of quality we promise our clients.

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