Training Services

Develop, strengthen, and maintain fundamental proficiency

General Language Instruction

These courses are for those with no or little experience in English, with partially developed skills, or with fully developed skills that need to be maintained. They range from basic to advanced levels.

Basic Level Courses

For those who studied English in school but have developed no practical communications ability. This includes both new and experienced staff who are translation dependent and have little or no English-listening ability.

Intermediate Level Courses

For those who have developed some communications ability, especially in familiar areas, but have not yet broken their translation dependence. This includes staff who can carry out the simpler, more routine requirements of their jobs but cannot handle more complex problems.

Advanced Level Courses

For those who have developed a good proficiency in English and can work more or less independently. Includes those at lower advanced levels who need to grasp more quickly what they hear and develop more natural speech habits, as well as those who need to maintain highly developed skills.

Courses available for both individuals and groups. Graded program levels enable students to start at their present level and advance to higher levels over time. Useful for new personnel, veteran staff, and staff returning from overseas.

Business Communications Skills DevelopmentHelp grow the global company

Get your voices heard; express and promote your views; persuade individuals and groups; manage global teams; develop long-term relationships; build customer bases and brand loyalty; publish your research; assist production people.

  • Business Writing In English
  • Business Presentations in English
  • Negotiating in English
  • Meetings in English
  • Teleconferencing in English
  • Technical Writing in English
  • Technical Discussions and Engineering Assistance

All courses offered in classroom, e-Learning, and blended learning formats.

Instructor’s profile

Russell Pollard

Years of service: 13
Years of residence in Japan: 25
Hobby: sports, travelling, watching movies

Teaching philosophy:

Teaching is more than assisting students in better using English in everyday conversation. It also involves preparing them to be better global communicators. English is used as a means of communication not only in native English speaking countries but also in global economic centers and tourist destinations worldwide. Until there is a more efficient form of communication across cultures, we need to prepare and mentor students so that they can effectively communicate anywhere they may go.

Our Training Method

Training instructors starts by hiring people with suitable teaching experience. We look for people with good communication skills, who are flexible and courteous, and who like to communicate with others. We start their training by getting them prepared to deal with students with varying levels of ability, sometimes even in the same class. They receive briefings on our published materials to get them up to speed with our style of teaching based on a particular curriculum focus that has been specifically created for each client. They also observe other instructors teaching a given set of materials so that they can see firsthand how a particular instructor molds or adjusts the material to fit the students in real time.

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